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National Semiconductor LED

A typical 1970s style LED watch


This late 1970s model LED watch from National Semiconductor corporation features the day and date as well as a pleasing blue colored face from a time when most LED watches had no color other than silver or gold.

National Semiconductor was founded in 1959 as a group of 8 former Sperry Rand employees quit their jobs and started a new company to capitalize upon the new idea of building of integrated circuit chips.

During the mid 1970s, many semiconductor companies got into the business of building watches. LED watches were the hot new item and the semiconductor executives wanted a bit of the action. Executives at these high tech companies figured that if they could design integrated circuit chips, they were smart enough to handle the design and marketing of wristwatches. Dozens of high tech companies such as National Semiconductor, Intel (Microma), Commodore, CompuChron, General Electric, Hughes Semiconductor, Litronix, Quasar, Texas Instruments and others got into the act.

The age of LED wristwatches was short lived, however, and all of these companies ceased producing LED watches a short time later. By 1977, the LED era was already over. Today, most of these companies are history.

National Semiconductor continued to exist up until 2011 when it was acquired by Texas Instruments.




Case: Very good.
This watch is in very good condition with only a few small marks. Due to the mirror finish, the surface must be almost perfect because any tiny nick or scratch will be easily visible, particularly in these macro photographs.

Face / Hands: Excellent.
All digits are complete and bright.

Crystal: Excellent.
The plastic crystal is almost perfect. Since it's plastic, small marks are easy to polish away.

Band / Bracelet: Very good.
The original bracelet is in good condition with just small marks from wearing and fits an 8" wrist. The clasp looks like new and functions perfectly.

Function / Accuracy: Excellent.
All functions work perfectly. Digital quartz accuracy.